August 31, 2009

Transfixed by the Photography of Rune Guneriussen

I love photography; and when I spotted photographer Rune Guneriussen's work at Re-Nest, I was struck by the positioning of household objects in nature to create oddly compelling masterpieces. Guneriussen places everyday items such as lamps, telephones, tables, chairs and globes amidst magnificent backdrops: seaside cliffs, forests, fields, snow capped mountains. The result is strangely moving and interesting -- combining human elements with the wild, demonstrating the beautiful yet complex and often misguided link between the two. For instance, as seen in the photograph above, these telephones don't belong here, but the human race no longer goes anywhere without being dialed in. Click here to see more of his photography at his website. I can't stop looking at his work! To me, it's an artistic reminder to enjoy the simple, serene outdoors without the trappings of modern day life.

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