June 13, 2015

Keep Your Floors Toxin Free with Shark Pro Steam and Spray

We love clean floors in our household (which is one of the reasons we have a no-shoe policy). Always on the hunt for a better, more efficient way to clean our stone tile flooring, we were happy to come across the Shark Pro Steam and Spray model, especially now that we have a dog whose dirty paws add considerably to the foot traffic across our home.

With options aplenty, you can use this evolved mop in three ways to deep clean your floors: steam, spray, or steam and spray. We opt to use the steam cleaning mode with distilled water to keep our sanitizing efforts pure and as nontoxic as possible. In steam only mode this powerful mop can eliminate 99.9% of household bacteria!

An awesome feature of this mop is its swivel steering which enables you to work around corners and get into nooks and crannies. The mop itself is also lightweight, which makes your entire cleaning endeavor easier.

Using the Shark is also a much greener option than using a Swiffer because Shark's reusable multi-layer microfiber cleaning pads are washable and can be used time and time again, typically lasting up to 20 washes -- eliminating the need to waste a bunch of disposable cleaning pads.

The Shark Pro Steam and Spray and its accompanying hard floor cleaner work on tile, wood, linoleum and stone floors. This mop is a wonderful tool for families who want to deep clean their floors with sanitizing steam -- which is a must with little ones who are crawling and spending most of their time on the floor.

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Vicki Goodman said...

I completely agree! I own one love it!! I also love my Shark vacuum cleaner. 😁