August 14, 2016

The Future is Here: Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Helps with the Housework Like a Champ

Every parent knows how hard it is to balance every aspect of life. For me, housework often takes a back seat while I tend to more pressing issues -- important matters like being a mom, my job, meal prep, chauffeuring... the list for moms and dads seems endless, right? So when I heard about the Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum, I thought two things: 1) the future has arrived and 2) I want one. As a kid, the concept of this smart vacuum was just something I used to see when I watched Rosie the robot vacuum on The Jetsons cartoon. A vacuum that cleans your house all by itself? No way! But leave it to Dyson to bring this technology to life with aplomb. I've long been a fan of Dyson's superior products and own one of their vacuums which I have to operate myself. Their 360 Eye does the housework for me, with that same unparalleled performance only a Dyson can offer. Read on to learn more about your new best friend (at least at chore time), and the incredible science it holds in its small frame.

Most people who love and use Dyson products know about their superior reputation, streamlined design and amazing functionality. The Dyson 360 Eye is no exception. It can navigate your home to clean with the same powerful suction of Dyson's famed predecessor vacuums. James Dyson offers of the company's latest innovation: “Every home is different; every room within a home is different. For a robot to navigate efficiently, it needs to operate as a human does: taking in its surroundings and making decisions based on what it sees. Our research into robotic vision systems, alongside investing and developing in the Dyson digital motor, was the breakthrough needed to engineer this truly powerful and intelligent robot.” 

We now have a dog in our family, so the efficiency of the Dyson 360 Eye is a top requirement for us. It "effectively separates dust and dirt, capturing dirt smaller than the width of a human hair." Which is good news for pet owners who need to keep their home clean with shedding animals underfoot. Its full-width brushbar extends the entire width of the machine for maximum surface coverage, and it's the only robot vacuum with carbon fiber filaments for hard floors and stiff nylon bristles for carpets. The best of both cleaning worlds in one compact machine. Note: It can hold up to .66 pounds of dust and dirt in its bin. 

Amazingly, this vacuum, which weighs just over five pounds, uses its "eye" to determine where to clean. When you download the Dyson 360 Eye robot app, you can start, stop and pause the robot while also accessing information including maps of where it cleaned, and schedule future cleanings. So if you find out one morning while you're at work that you'll be hosting a last-minute dinner party that night -- you can send your robot the signal to start vacuuming! While the machine will vacuum for up to 40 minutes, I love that if it runs out of power, it self-docks to charge back up and resumes cleaning where it left off. 

All this savvy tech doesn't come cheap. At $999.99, this vacuum is definitely on the high end of the cost spectrum for vacuums. It's also worth noting that the Dyson 360 Eye is a great deal more thorough than it is speedy. It moves very slowly and deliberately -- so if you're looking for a quick tidy up, don't expect this vacuum to get your home vacuumed in a matter of minutes. Watch the video below to get a feel for how this unbelievable vacuum works! Purchase yours here.

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