November 28, 2012

How To Make Homemade Felt Cookies & Bake Up Play Kitchen Fun!

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This week's craft might appear to be a huge undertaking, especially if you don't sew. But I assure you, neither do I -- except for the occasional button or tear, and I was able to make these adorable cookies with ease! This was a very fun craft because I loved seeing how many different varieties and flavors of cookies I could whip up. I was inspired to make these homemade felt cookies because special pretend food made with love is less expensive, non-toxic, and green!

Materials You Will Need To Make Felt Cookies
  • Embroidery floss
  • Needles: 2 types, a regular one for the thread and a thicker " tapestry" needle for the embroidery floss
  • Beads (optional)
  • Scissors

How to Make "Chocolate Chunk" Cookies:

1) Using a glass or something round in the size you want, trace 2 circles onto your felt and cut them out.

2) Cut out small square shapes for the chocolate chunks.

3) Thread your larger needle with matching brown embroidery floss.

4) Taking one of your circles, start to sew on your brown "chunks" going up and down throughout the felt. Once you have sewn in a square around the chunk, tie a knot on the backside.

5) When all of your chunks are sewn into place, take the second circle you cut and put it behind the one with the chocolate chunks.

6) Using a whip stitch, sew around the circles to attach them together.

7) When the circles are almost sewn together, stuff some eco-friendly fiberfill into the cookie's center to make your cookie "puff" up a bit. The more fiberfill you use, the puffier your cookie! Then finish off your stitching and complete the edge. Yummy! Looks almost good enough to eat!

How to Make "Sprinkled" Cookies

1) If you want to make "sprinkled" cookies, cut out two circles using your felt.

2) Take the larger needle and some embroidery floss, and using only the top circle, thread the embroidery floss up and down throughout the felt to make the look of sprinkles. Tie a second knot on the back of the felt when done.

3) You may also use beads to achieve a sprinkles effect. Sew beads onto the top piece of felt with your smaller needle and thread. Note: If very young children will be playing with these felt cookies, skip the beads (possible choking hazard) and use different colors of thread for stitching in the sprinkles.

4) Another fun cookie to make is a "frosted" cookie. Cut out different colors of felt to represent the color of frosting you'd like to use. Attach the frosting felt to one piece of the cookie, then put the two circles together and repeat your whip stitch around the edging.

5) Fill cookie with Eco-friendly fiberfill and then stitch closed.

Experiment by making different shapes of cookies! You can make heart shaped cookies for Valentine's Day, and box them up as a gift for a beloved child! These cookies are fun and easy to make -- and they will be a treasured addition to a toddler's play kitchen. So go ahead and stitch up a batch today!


Julie said...

Saw these at Prudent Baby....SO cute, what a great idea! I recently bought some felt goodies for my daughters' kitchen and they LOVE it. I'm thinking some Valentine's cookies may be in order.

Claire said...

These are so gorgeous and fun! My daughter would love them and the directions are awesome. I can't wait to make some. Thank you so much!

Petite Planet said...

Hi Julie and Claire- thanks for stopping by! Enjoy making these adorable cookies for your lucky little girls!

Julie said...

I made a couple of felt cookies and posted a pic on my blog....what do you think? said...

They're so cute! I love the sprinkles. Thanks tons, I'll be linking.

Petite Planet said...

Julie- I visited your cookies at your blog and they look fantastic! And Rachel, thanks so much for stopping by and for the upcoming link! said...

Very cute! Makes me hungry! Thanks for sharing ... I've posted a link.