December 5, 2007

Safely Spritz Away Monsters in the Closet… or under the bed

This is the kind of product that will have you hitting yourself on the forehead with an open palm and saying, “Why didn’t I invent this?”

We all have at least one person in our household who is afraid of monsters. In ours, it happens to be me. I am hoping Olivia is a braver soul once she reaches monster fearing age! But just in case, Boo Be Gone is a clever way to rid your home of monstrous pests who threaten the sleep continuum. Boo Be Gone is a spray scented with lavender and mandarin essential oils. Take your child by the hand and let him mist his fears away before bedtime.

An alternative to buying Boo Be Gone would be to buy a spray bottle and simply fill it with water. Affix your own personal sign to the front. If your child’s “monster” has a specific name for instance, head to the computer and print up “Harry Be Gone!”


Miss J said...

Such a great idea! I made a spray for 'boy germs' back in grade school. I could have been a millionaire!

Also, does it work on CHICKENS? That is what H is afraid of these days. She thinks they are hiding under her crib. Oy.

Petite Planet said...

Oh no! That is so funny! I'd say, yes, it definitely works on chickens. I'd love to say kids are crazy with their wild imaginations, but I know O gets her craziness directly from ME!