December 10, 2007

Start Spreading the News

Have you ever considered how many newspapers go to waste each day? Here are a couple of ways to spread the news out and save some trees.

The "funnies" in your newspaper are worth more than a chuckle at this time of year. Save the comics section, especially Sunday's colorful and vibrant pages of strips, and use them to gift wrap your holiday presents. Teach a child recipient of one of your cleverly wrapped gifts about recycling in this fun fashion.

If you're friendly with your neighbors, share a subscription to the newspaper. Our sweet neighbor has been giving us her Sunday paper for the past year when she's finished reading it. There's simply no need anymore to have the news delivered to your doorstep at 5am, with the Internet in everyone's back pocket, so 'read all about it' with your afternoon tea instead of your morning coffee.

If enough of us do these small things to save our earth, perhaps the "Extra! Extra!" will be our trees!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In my part of suffolk we have 3 recycling bins. Newspapers can be used to wrap food as it rots down and goes in our green bin, also I use newspapers for my dog kennels.