December 1, 2007

Will Burt's Bees Goodness get Bleached Out?

When I heard the news that Burt's Bees sold themselves to The Clorox Company, I blanched visibly. Clorox, always synonymous with harsh odors and ingredients, was now at the helm of my beloved choice of bath products for my baby, Olivia?

I visited the Burt's Bees website where I found "a letter to our loyal customers." They insist that selling their company to Clorox will help them attain, "The Greater Good." They promise that they'll maintain the quality and integrity of their products and continue to be conscientious of nature via packaging and contents, however I believe the proof will be in the pudding so to speak.

I will definitely be double checking the labels of my Pomegranate and Soy Shampoo and Conditioner and of Olivia's Burt's Baby Bee Shampoo Bar and Body Wash. I just don't trust that a corporate giant such as Clorox won't try to cut corners and sacrifice the philosophy of those busy bees.

One thing the letter stated that I am happy about is that perhaps being bought by such a large corporation will really equate to Burt's Bees being more readily available for consumers. If their supply is increased and they demand to keep their standards, this pairing could be a recipe for grand success. Who knows, we may even see a price drop?

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