March 18, 2008

Born Free...And it should Stay that Way

Our children are born free of environmental toxins, and as parents, we should do our best to usher them through childhood by teaching them to use products that will keep them healthy. It will soon be time for Olivia to learn how to use a sippy cup, and the Born Free Training Cup for 6+months is the best one on the market.

We all worried about the harmful chemical Bisphenol-A in the plastic of our baby bottles, and we need to be aware of it in sippy cups as well. The Born Free training cup is completely Bisphenol-A Free. It also has a unique "low vacuum valve" pressure system. I wasn't aware that when a baby has to suck excessively to get the liquid out of a sippy cup, this puts them at greater risk for ear infections, and it causes gas and spitting up. Believe me, we don't need another cause of Olivia's gas or spit-up! The folks at Born Free developed a venting system which decreases the amount of sucking necessary to release the liquid through the spout. Speaking of the spout, I like that it is soft and spill resistant. I also like that the cup handles slide on and off so the cup grows with the dexterity of your baby, and once they outgrow the need for the handles they can simply grasp the cup itself.

The Soft Landing is the greatest one stop shop on the Internet for all of your child's feeding needs. It is also an educational resource on what products to avoid and what products are non-toxic. Be sure to check out their blog for up to date news. I have discussed the amazing woman, Alicia, behind The Soft Landing on Petite Planet before. Head on over to her site, buy your Born Free sippy cup, and have a look around.

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