March 21, 2008

Chew on This...

I thought all teethers were plastic and filled with water. When Olivia started teething and gnawing on every surface available, including my chin and neck during hugs, and the side of her crib, I discovered that wooden teethers are another more natural option. They're also more earth friendly by design.

Camden Rose makes a maple teething ring that is perfect for pint-sized hands and fingers, and it does the trick when your baby wants to sink her teeth into something for some much needed relief. This family run wooden and textile toy company has a "leave no footprint" philosophy as they use green natural materials that are crafted in the USA by musicians. teachers, designers, parents and craftspeople. They employ Fair Trade and their items are created the "old-fashioned way," "one by one." That alone is a miracle in this day and age!

It's so rare to stumble upon companies such as Camden Rose, and I wanted to spread the good word about their practices and products. Happy Chewing!

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Anonymous said...

That's neat! I actually need one of these!