March 24, 2008

Give the Earth a Big Hug

All this talk of "saving the Earth" may be confusing for children. Why does it need saving? What is this, "earth" thing you speak of anyway? (They might be thinking...)

The "Hugg A Planet Earth" is a soft globe that children can squeeze, cuddle and learn from all at the same time. The Parents' Choice Foundation voted it "One of the Best Toys of the Past 25 years."

In addition to arming our children with a tangible earth to teach them about preserving their planet and home, I think this is a brilliant gift to teach geography and global consciousness. We have the propensity of being so isolated and wrapped up in our tiny section of the world, and showing our children that there are millions of people spread out all over the globe, some less fortunate than others, will give them the invaluable gifts of perspective and compassion.

I've heard of hugging a tree, and now I'm glad to be able to say, "Go hug our planet."

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Anonymous said...

That's cute and it shows the concept of the Earth being round for kids!