May 2, 2008

10 Clever Ways to Reuse Baby Wipes Tubs

The last time I placed our bulk order for Seventh Generation baby wipes on, I accidentally purchased the tubs, as opposed to the refills of wipes. So, here I am, stuck with 20 plastic tubs. Of course I can always recycle them, but I found some great ways to reuse them that I'd like to share...

  • Tie several pieces of different colored and textured scraps of material together, feed one end through the hole in the tub's lid, and secure the lid on the remaining fabric. Let your baby pull the cloth through the hole and discover the surprises inside.
  • Place small toys in the tub and keep them in the backseat of the car for easy entertainment on road trips or at restaurants.
  • Use the tub to transport baby's tiny swimsuit to and from the pool when wet. (This is if you are traveling to a swimming pool, not if you have one in your yard!)
  • Clean out tubs and use them as water or food bowls for your dog on long walks, hikes or summer road trips.
  • Store pencils, pens, crayons, odds and ends or sewing materials in a tub.
  • Pack a mini-first aid kit in a tub and keep it in your glove compartment or trunk.
  • Place your baby girl's barrettes, ribbons, bows and hair ties in a tub for easy access and safe keeping.
  • Keep baby's medications in a tub and store way out of reach.
  • Place small bath toys in a tub and leave it in the bathroom.
  • Stash clipped coupons in one of the tubs and place it in your car so you won't miss out on deals at the grocery store because your coupons are at home! (This always happens to me!)
There are countless ways to use these small tubs, but I will make sure to simply order the baby wipe refills in the future, as they are much less wasteful! If you find yourself with an overflow of wipes containers, I hope you can make good use of them. Write in and let me know any other uses you have for them!


Anonymous said...

This is a really cool list. You can also use them to store plastic shopping bags to reuse.

MamaWise said...

Great list! I use them for a lot of these things, in addition to storing plastic shopping bags, and using them as spare change containers.

Daisy said...

Long ago, when my kids were little, I used those to store all kinds of things. With the lids still on, they keep the dust off, too. Batteries, pencils, rubber bands...

Eco Friendly Tara said...

Great ideas for reusing! I have a few tubs here from a few years ago and we use them to store crayons. I also have a few we used in our back yard to plant small flowers in. They work as great flower pots!