May 11, 2008

For Olivia

This is my cave drawing, my shout from a mountain top, my carving into a tree trunk, my swirling a stick through wet cement to immortalize a statement on the sidewalk... this post on the worldwide web is for you, my darling Olivia, with the hope that it leaves an indelible mark on history that you may always trace to see my love for you.

I dreamed all my life of becoming a mother, and on this, my first Mother's Day, I thank you. You have shown me love like I have never known. You have taught me patience, to slow down and enjoy each moment, and to smile no matter what.

Your laughter is my joy, your face doesn't just light up a room, it lights up my life. Your eyes are full of affection, mischief, determination, glee, and truth. With one look at you, I learn to love and accept myself with the knowledge that I created such perfection in your being. I could kiss your cheeks and your toes all day long, I could watch you sleep all night. Your immeasurable beauty and grace have made my heart overflow with emotional riches. You are the sunshine of every morning and the brightest star each night.

I thank your dear father for his hard work, which enables us to spend every moment of our lives together. Raising you has been and will be my greatest gift in life. I thank him as my husband and partner, for walking with me on the path of parenthood and marriage, holding hands as we stumble and as we stand tall, loving each other through it all.

I thank my own mother for showing me such unconditional love and support that I am able to continue a legacy of motherhood exhibiting her strength of character, integrity and unfailing presence and support.

Olivia, I adore you with every fiber of my being. My soul rejoices, as I finally realize how much God must love me, His child, for this is how much I love you. Thank you for choosing me to be your mother. I will love you beyond time and space, forever. You are my precious daughter, and your existence has made me the happiest mother in the world.


Allie said...

How beautiful!

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