May 16, 2008

Let There Be Light

I am deeply saddened and shaken by the recent devastating disasters in China and Myanmar. Natural disasters tend to make me feel helpless, but we can all be prepared as much as possible by putting together a disaster preparedness kit. One thing we should all have in that kit is a reliable flashlight, in the event we lose power on any scale.

Sunlight Solar has invented the BoGo Light, which is a solar powered flashlight designed to give back to the environment and the people of the world. BoGo stands for Buy One Give One, and the company stands behind its mission, sending lights in droves to the cyclone and earthquake stricken regions of Myanmar and China.

When you buy a flashlight, one is sent to someone who desperately needs a light. You can even choose where to shine your light, and the choices range from supplying Peruvian medical workers in the Amazon with light to supplying a task light to poverty stricken people in Africa.

You will be benefiting from receiving a great flashlight yourself as the "Solar Panel - lasts up to 20 years, charges in 8 hours, and provides 4-5 hours of illumination." You're also doing Mother Earth a service by using her own rays of sunshine to charge your light.

The company is in the process of switching the batteries in their flashlights from NiCad batteries, in an effort to make them more earth friendly. These lights also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as they replace typically used kerosene lanterns, which emit far more gases. Click here to read the many ways that BoGo flashlights are beneficial to the environment.

I really like what Sunlight Solar is doing to change the world, and I encourage you to help them shine on.

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