June 2, 2008

Have High "Tea" All Over Your Body

We're big tea drinkers in our household. I know about the health benefits associated with ingesting tea, but I have seldom thought about the perks tea offers in the beauty regiment realm.

Enter the very cleverly and aptly named "Beautea Organics." If you've been following my blog, you know I look for what is NOT in a product as much as I look for what IS in a product. Beautea moisturizing lotions contain NO parabens, pesticides, synthetic preservatives, propylene glycol or sulfates. They contain organic ingredients derived from nature and intended to promote healing and skin protection.

The Green Oolong Tea moisturizing body lotion has a scent reminiscent of a spa visit. After applying it, you'll feel as though you just left a day of pampering. The green tea in this lotion is complemented by ginseng, orchid, lemon, and shea butter. All of these ingredients were hand selected for their powerful properties ranging from nourishing, toning and uplifting to absorbing UVB rays, and regenerating your skin. The green tea in this lotion works similarly to how it works when you consume it... it provides antioxidants and helps reduce wrinkles. Black Pekoe and White Darjeeling tea varieties are also available in this line.

Essere Organics, the company behind "Beautea" products was launched with the mission to help people attain better health through product purity. They offer a wide range of eco and human friendly products from baby care to home decor.

Check out all of the inventive products they have to offer and open your eyes to the bounty of nature's goodness.

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Allie said...

Oh wow! Those sound great!