July 23, 2008

Here's how to Truly Light Up a Room

Want to brighten a child's hospital room from the other side of the world? A design company named Avalisa will enable you to do just that.

Cheerful, bright wall art is just what the doctored ordered to enliven the stark walls that comprise a child's surroundings during a hospital stay. Avalisa will donate the wall art of your choosing from their collection, to Cure International, an organization that provides healing hospitals for children in developing countries including, Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya and Afghanistan. Procedures such as tubercular spinal repair, fixing cleft lips and palates, and burn contractions are performed on thousands of children yearly at Cure hospitals. Select from a wide array of colorful, varied artwork including animals and imagination patterns. Shown above is the "Butterfly" pattern.

Once selected, click on the "I would like to buy this for Cure International" button as shown here.

If you are decorating your child's bedroom, this would be a great charitable lesson to teach them. After they select the art of their choice, they may then choose one to donate with the knowledge that another child far away will be granted a beautiful view at a time when they need it the most.

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