August 22, 2008

Butterflies are Not Bugs in my Book!

When it comes to butterflies, I am a hypocrite. I have a severe bug phobia (my apologies to all nature lovers who usher insects from their home cradled in the palm of their hand and wish them well before sending them on their merry way...).

I guess you could say I love colorful bugs. Well, except for those shiny, iridescent beetles. I mean, a beetle is a beetle anyway you paint it. Unless of course it's named John Lennon.

I love lucky ladybugs, and I feel blessed every time a butterfly swoops along my path. I think butterflies are God's way of winking at us. This sentiment didn't stop my husband from responding to my declaration of admiration with, "But you hate moths, and butterflies are just moths with nicer outfits." I liken this to my sister comparing squirrels to rats saying, "Squirrels are just rats with better fur coats." Well, let me tell you, when squirrels mosey up to our blanket at the park, I point them out to Olivia with glee. If a rat bargained the same proximity, I'd toss Olivia over my shoulder and run away screaming. (That said, I was once the owner of a pet rat... he was white and he had a very long tail... this during my rebel phase.)

That was a long winded intro to the point of this post: I love butterflies, and it just so happens they are on display to be appreciated and revered. If you're in the LA area, hurry over to the Pavilion of Wings at The Natural History Museum. Here you can "experience the beauty and fun of live, free-flying butterflies." This exhibit ends September 1st, so pack up the kids and get there soon! This is a magical way to teach children of all ages about the beauty that may be found in nature. Since your kids will be full of questions about butterflies, read up on the creatures here and you will seem like the brilliant guru that you are. *Note that one of the differences between a moth and a butterfly is that moths are most active at night and butterflies are most active during the day. See? Moths are sinister and lurk in the dark, and butterflies decorate the day! My favoritism remains! And most butterflies only live for a few weeks, which makes their lives all the more precious.

Now, if I could just find a way to hold all insects in such high regard!


Jill said...

Thank you for your witty and entertaining post. I agree butterflies make you feel special just to see one...but squirrels are rats with nicer coats!! :)

Petite Planet said...

I agree! I was walking Olivia yesterday and a white butterfly whizzed by. It feels like a real blessing... but had it been a moth, I would have yelped!