August 18, 2008

Teach Me Toothbrush Set

I was pretty nerdy as a kid, and nerdiness and good dental hygiene seem to go hand in hand. I did everything in my power to not get a cavity, as I wanted a mouth filled with literal "pearly whites." I even went so far as to agree with my mom that sugared cereals should be banned from our pantry. Lucky Charms and Apple Jacks ran a distant second behind my clean dental record.
Of course I am going to pass my love of brushing on to Olivia, and I have found the perfect product for us: The Teach Me Toothbrush Set. Two BPA free toothbrushes come in this set, one designed for parents to use alongside their children, to instruct them on proper brushing techniques. (Maybe I'll even dig up my old headgear and retainer! Yeah, right.)

These brushes are very cleverly designed. The center bristles are a different color to denote how much toothpaste to use, the handle grips are non-slip, the soft-rounded head of the baby's brush protects their delicate gums and mouth tissue, and the soft bristles protect their mouths from irritation and keep their tooth enamel unharmed. The parent's brush tip features a massage component to clean baby's tongue and soothe gums during teething.

The Teach Me Toothbrush Set is designed for babies 6 months and older. They are available in vibrant pink, blue and green colors.

I can't say I still avoid sugar, but I can say with great pride that I have never had a cavity. I'm going to go floss now.


roseymama said...

Hmmm I had headgear too:-) Maybe we can start a club LOL.

I love the 'Teach Me' set--so genius! I am always 'taking a turn' with Mallie's toothbrush to show her proper technique...but this would alleviate the 'ew' factor of that:-)

Petite Planet said...

Yes, I think it would be quite appropriate to start a headgear club! I also just saw a new "fashion" of a gold retainer necklace! It was bad enough wearing one in my mouth, and now the hip kids of today are wearing them as jewelry!

And for sure, grab yourself a Teach Me set to ditch the "ew" factor. Although, Olivia and I swap germs all day long too! hee hee

Jill said...

I want to join...braces, retainers, headgear, and no cavities!! Ya for good oral hygiene. My oldest son just had to have 4 "fillings" put in and it killed me since he is only 8. The dentist said it was the way his teeth were shaped and not from lack of brushing. It only made me feel a little better to know that.

My daughter (whose middle name is Olivia) loves brushing her teeth. She is only 22 months and would walk around all day "brushing" her teeth if I let her.

She likes the toothbrushes with characters on them. I buy the boring ones from Whole Foods most of the time though.

I will check this one out, thanks.