September 8, 2008

End Bottled Water with the Wellness H2.O Water Bottle

Most of us have made the switch from trashing plastic bottles to opting for reusable water containers. But we haven't truly banned the plastic consumption, not to mention the unnecessary spending, because we end up filling our reusable containers with bottled water from gallon sized plastic containers.

You may be saying, "I use my filtered water from my Brita pitcher," which is both an economical and convenient solution when you're at home to fill up your reusable bottle. But what if you're on the go and need more water? There are many days I wish I could just keep filling up with tap water, but I have to admit I am not a fan of tap water, so I get stuck buying bottled water when I am out and about.

This is why the Wellness H2.O water bottle is the perfect solution. It is a personal sized water bottle with a built in filtration system that goes way above and beyond purifying your tap water on the go. The filter reduces chlorine, chloramines, VOC's, odor, tastes and heavy metals by up to 99%. After the water is cleansed of contaminants it is infused with antioxidants and minerals that enhance its taste and improve your health via extended hydration, increased nutrient absorption and the reduction of free radical damage.

The makers of the Wellness H2.O water bottle estimate that the filter cartridge in this portable, purifying water bottle will save each consumer from purchasing more than 1,100 plastic water bottles annually, which needless to say, will do wonders for our planet, lessening pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. They also estimate that using their bottle will save you up to $1000 per year in bottled water purchases. This fact makes the Wellness H2.O bottle's price tag of $49.95 a lot less daunting. It's plastic design does not leach BPA and its used filter cartridges are re-purposed for organic turf farming. Replacement cartridge filters cost $20.

Wellness Enterprises seeks to End Bottled Water. Over 30 billion bottles of water were consumed by Americans in 2006, and less than 14% of those bottles were recycled. Click here to read more about why "Bottled Water is a Serious Problem."

I'll be happily toting my Wellness H2.O water bottle and spreading the word about the need to End Bottled Water. The solution is so simple: stop buying bottled water. These are the baby steps we can all take toward changing the world. Buy your Wellness H2.O water bottle here today.

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