October 20, 2008

Go Ahead, Green Your...

I love the Internet. The wealth of information available at our fingertips is truly astounding and humbling.

I was recently introduced to a site called GreenYour.com, which is an amazing tool in turning your whole world green with ease.

All you have to do is type whatever you want to "green" after the words, "Green Your..." and up pops exactly how to do so! Go ahead, green your... dog, armpits, dinner table, shoes, bathroom, kids... these are all random things that came into my mind during my touring of the GreenYour site, and each proved fruitful in supplying me with knowledge and "how to" on making my life a deeper shade of emerald.

What a great, concise one-stop shop for your inquiries into the world of eco-living. There are three main sections: Facts That Explain The Issues, Tips to Green Your Life, and Products that Make a Difference. Via education and exploration, you'll be a wizard of green living in no time!

I'm off to Green my...

1 comment:

Mateo Bueno said...

wow, petite planet! thanks for the great coverage and positive feedback... we are still working on more ways to green your armpits, but for now users can check out the deodorant section! :)