November 12, 2008

Eco-Thanksgiving Tip: Tofurkey and No Meat/Wheat Dinner

A little birdie told me to tell you to switch from turkey to Tofurkey this Thanksgiving. I won't go into all of the reasons here why a vegetarian meal is better for the planet and for our turkey friends, but preparing a Tofurkey is definitely one way to 'green' your dinner table.

For those of us who are on gluten-free diets, sadly, Tofurkey is not gluten-free. However, I have never had a problem finding plenty to eat on Thanksgiving, sans the meat and wheat/gluten. Side dishes can add up to make quite a feast... mashed potatoes, baked yams, fruit salad, green beans...

If you're really ambitious and want to whip up some gourmet gluten-free dishes, visit Gluten- Free Girl's blog for how to prepare a simply delectable Thanksgiving dinner. Enter the search term: "Thanksgiving" on her blog to find enough results to leave you totally stuffed!

Gluten-Free Girl is not a vegetarian, so if you want to leave meat out of your dinner, visit these wonderful vegan Thanksgiving recipes.

If you're a high-maintenance, yet food loving eater like me, visit Gluten-Free Bay's post which provides a sample Thanksgiving menu for the Gluten-Free Vegetarian.

Sometimes dealing with diet restrictions and preferences can be frustrating, especially if you're visiting a relative or friend's home for dinner. Plan ahead by making a phone call to your host, explaining your situation. I have even prepared and taken a dish I knew I could eat, and made enough to share with others. Don't be afraid to ask what ingredients were used in any dish you'd like to try. Be light-hearted about your restrictions, and hopefully others will be too!


roseymama said...

Um, are you a vegetarian AND gluten-free?
If you do you DO it? We were doing our best to be vegetarian over here, and then we got hit with celiac diagnoses, and now I just can't manage it. Cutting out too many food groups totally messed up my cooking endevours! How do you do it?

Petite Planet said...

Yes, it gets a bit tricky, but it's doable! When I was nursing, I also had to cut out dairy... now THAT got to be impossible!