December 1, 2008

Counting down to Christmas One Day at a Time!

I used to LOVE Advent Calendars as a kid. What better way to kick off the morning than by getting one day closer to Christmas... and celebrating that fact by peeling open a tiny window and popping a morsel of chocolate into your mouth?

The average Advent Calendar is not very eco-friendly by design. Plastic and cardboard aren't so chic either. I spotted the adorable elf stockings Advent Calendar shown above, which is a strand of 24 tiny little socks that may perfectly contain tiny treats. Stick in a candy cane, some stickers, a yo-yo, a "gift" certificate for a movie night with mommy or a bike ride with daddy... the pint-sized possibilities are endless.

This is the kind of idea that actually gets me giddy and wish I was a kid again. What child wouldn't LOVE checking their little sock each day before Christmas? My spin on this is, the elf stockings shown above retail for $75.00. Can we all say, "Ho, Ho, NOOOOO!" Why not gather a bunch of stray socks, goodness knows we all have a bunch of single socks lying around... and bring them back to life by stringing them together and using them in this fun fashion?

Enjoy counting down the days to Christmas with your little ones! What a magical time of year!


Anonymous said...

I love this idea and am going to share with my daughter and daughter in law for their little ones. Thanks! Suzanne H

Erikka said...

made my way here from allie's answers...

my boyfriend's family has used the same two advent calendars (he has a sister) since they were little kids. The box is about 20" by 20" or so and it has all the little doors and compartments to hide stuff. what a great idea!
Avon used to make this cloth advent calendar with a little mouse marker. my mom got me that...who knows what i did with it.