December 15, 2008

Free as a Bird

I long to decorate Olivia's bedroom walls with handmade, unique wall hangings from Etsy, but everyday expenditures on necessities get in the way of spending money on art. It can be appreciated for free, however, so that's where I'm starting.

The "Free as a Bird" silk screen print shown above is printed on 100% recycled Australian made paper by designer Naomi Murrell. This print is also available in pink, and Naomi has a wonderful collection of whimsical, beautiful artwork at Etsy.

This print and its title speak to me because I have a real aversion to caged birds, (and fish in bowls), and I have a rebellious spirit, so I love that these little birds are serenely exiting their cages and skirting the confines of life. I think it's cute art with a noble message for a child's room. Be a free spirit, don't be contained, use your wings to fly.

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