December 11, 2008

Sign the petition to: SAVE HANDMADE TOYS!

This little birdie is telling you to sign the petition to save handmade toys! If you want your children and future generations to benefit from the quality and charm of handmade, eco-friendly toys made by small businesses and individual artisans, PLEASE sign this petition!

The CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) is rightfully bringing bad toymakers to task on the quality and composition of their toys, due to recent findings of the toxins found in toys made in China. However, this same Act does not protect responsible toymakers in the US, Canada and Europe, as the stringent, expensive guidelines listed in the Act will put smaller mom and pop type companies out of business, or force them to operate illegally.

Want to learn more? Please visit the Handmade Toy Alliance. And please take one moment to sign the petition.

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roseymama said...

Yay! Thanks for the link.