January 28, 2009

Vulli's Chan Pie Gnon

Don't adjust your computers, Petite Planet has not gone French... well, just for today... I'm writing about French company, Vulli!

Vulli's Sophie the Giraffe teether usually gets all the press and the love, but I am a much bigger fan of Vulli's Chan Pie Gnons! French for mushroom (champignon), these little guys come in blue (chan), pink (pie) and yellow (gnon), and they squeak with delight when lightly squeezed. Their five inch size also makes them the perfect fit for tiny hands.

Handmade in the French Alps, they're made of phthalate free natural rubber, and painted with food grade, non-toxic paints, making them totally safe for baby to gnaw down on during the tremendously difficult era of teething.

I bought Gnon for Olivia last week, after she was enchanted with it when another child had one at the pediatrician's office. Alas, now that it's hers, it's on a bit of a back burner. But, I can assure you, a younger baby would love this mushroom pal. It is totally chewable, heck, I may even try biting into it sooner or later, and it's jubilant squeak makes everyone laugh.

I know if I had given this to Olivia at the height of her teething days, Gnon would be nearly gone.

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