February 27, 2009

Field Trip Friday - HOW TO: Felt Boards

Olivia loves playing with her older cousin's felt boards... and let's face it, so do I. I just happened across this awesome tutorial over at Eco Child's Play on how to make your own felt boards, complete with online templates for the cut outs! If you use wool or acrylic felt made from recycled plastic bottles, based on their suggestion, this craft becomes instantly "green" as well.

I am usually completely daunted at DIY undertakings of the crafty variety, but these felt boards seem quite doable and inspiring. I also love that you can always update and add to them, so they may always be a staple toy or go to activity for your young child. Making these felt boards would be such a fun way to spend time with your kids, and they'd also be fun to make at a birthday party as a group activity and gift for the birthday girl or boy. In lieu of gifts, party goers could wield felt and scissors to create a one of a kind, joint effort present!

I plan on making a barn animal themed felt board, and an alphabet felt board for Olivia given the instructions in Eco Child's Play's Felt Boards: Quick, Portable, Do it Yourself Fun post. If you end up making one with or for your kids, please send photos and I will post them on Petite Planet!

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