February 15, 2009

POLL: Is the Bad Economy Hampering Your Green Efforts?

I have to admit, some of the eco-friendly accouterments in our household have been replaced with conventional counterparts because we simply need to tighten the reins on our already frugal spending. Are you having the same issues?

I have written previously about how to save money by going green, here and here, but I have yet to touch upon what to do when pricier earth friendly products no longer fit into your budget. For the most part, we are staying a deep shade of green around here, but I can't help but feel a lump rise in my throat when I think about the small changes we have had to make to save money. If people are doing this collectively, the eco movement could suffer a setback brought on by the economic crises.

Is the Bad Economy Hampering Your Green Efforts?
Yes - I don't have enough green to buy pricier eco-friendly items.
No - I am maintaining my eco lifestyle regardless of hard times.
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