April 28, 2013

Animal Free Circuses

I was never one of those kids who wanted to "run off and join the circus." Frankly, circuses scared me a bit with the dark tents, rings of fire, giant lions, and of course, the clowns.

But as an adult, I have had the amazing opportunity to attend a couple performances of Cirque du Soleil. They offer all of the same, edge of your seat excitement, thrills and laughs, but the shows are done without animals. When I came across the ASPCA's list of animal free circuses, and it included Cirque du Soleil, I wanted to pass the info along to you!

Clearly, animal free circuses are more humane and environmentally friendly than mainstream circuses. They prevent wild animals from being held in captivity and trained to perform 'circus acts.' With spring here and summer on its way, many of us will be considering trips to the circus with the kids. Why not opt for an animal free circus instead?

Here's a worldwide list of animal free circuses, put together by The ASPCA.

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