March 23, 2009

The Good Guide with the Humble Name

Talk about having a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips! The Good Guide provides environmental and health ratings for 70,000 products, as well as helping you find the best 'green' products that match your values. The food section gives you access to information on baby and kid's foods, from first baby foods to hot cereals and mac and cheese. They also have a personal care section where the whole family may learn about which products are best, and a top baby care product section which rates diapers, wipes, lotions, sunscreens, medicines... you name it!

I love how comprehensive The Good Guide is, and that it's really a one-stop shop to finding out information about all of your family's healthy product needs. With regard to their ratings system, 10 is the best score, 0 is the worst. Aside from a product's toxicity level and health impact, also taken into consideration for each rating are the company's social performance, such as the way they treat their workers, and their environmental performance, ie their impact on natural resources.

This is a giant leap for mankind and will hopefully help eliminate companies who greenwash the public by putting out 'green' products but not walking the walk behind their claims of eco-friendliness. The Good Guide really gives consumers the package deal, equipping them with the knowledge to make responsible, healthy choices for their families and for the planet. That's not good, it's GREAT.

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