March 25, 2009

Still a California Baby, even in Oregon

Moment of sentimentality: I can't believe my daughter has long enough hair to warrant using a conditioner! It seems like just yesterday, I was rubbing shampoo on her bald head, and now I need to untangle her gorgeous curls!

I have written about so many wonderful bath products for kids and babies on Petite Planet, and in most of my posts I go gaga over the fragrances of each respective shampoo, lotion or body wash. But, I've recently found there's also much to be said for products with no fragrance at all.

Olivia had eczema as a newborn, and boy do I wish I'd known about California Baby natural and organic products at that time. They have a line specifically dedicated to babies and children with eczema, specifically made with extremely sensitive skin in mind.

We've recently started using California Baby Super Sensitive Hair Conditioner as well as their Calming Everyday Lotion. Both are clean, refreshing products that do their job exceedingly well. The lotion has aromatherapy qualities via its inherent lavender.

While it's lovely to enjoy natural fragrances such as orange and vanilla at bath time, it's just as nice to use these fragrance free products. I like to mix it up and interchange them!

We sure miss the California sunshine, but for now, these products are warming our hearts with their purity and effectiveness.

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