April 21, 2009

Raise the Bar: One With Nature Bar Soap

Need more convincing when it comes to trading in your shower gel for bar soap? One With Nature bar soap is far more economical than a pricey bottle of body wash. A giant bar of One With Nature bar soap costs only $3.79, and it lathers up so quickly and so well that it will last for many washings.

Made with all natural ingredients, One With Nature Dead Sea Mineral Soaps are 100% vegetable based, never tested on animals, wrapped in biodegradable packaging, triple milled, and infused with nourishing aloe, shea butter, pure essential oils and of course, Dead Sea minerals.

These soaps are manufactured a mere 20 miles from the Dead Sea. The collection features an extensive variety of scents ranging from Hemp Soap and Olive Oil Soap to Vanilla Oatmeal and Honey Almond Soaps. They have a clean, refreshing scent and they get super soapy, making it easy to suds up quickly from head to toe, thus decreasing shower time and saving water! I also love that the natural fragrance of whichever scent you happen to choose, remains in the bar even when it becomes the tiniest sliver.

One With Nature also boasts admirable earth conservation efforts. They have partnered with and donate money to Friends of the Earth Middle East to help reinvigorate the quickly diminishing Dead Sea.

One With Nature Bar Soaps are available at Whole Foods.

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