May 25, 2009

Jill-able Fill Me Up Vases

I've been quite spoiled with fresh, beautiful flowers this month for Mother's Day and my birthday, and I'm thinking about buying flowers more often, as they literally bring life to the house, and Olivia and I love them.

Cool Mom Picks pointed out the Jill-able Fill Me Up vases, and they are both kid-friendly and eco-friendly, a perfect fit for Petite Planet. The quote on their homepage is by Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Earth Laughs in Flowers." How very poignant and true.

Jill-able vases are recyclable plastic bags, which may be re-used time and again. They fold flat when not being used, and they may easily be filled with water to contain and display a bouquet. Since Olivia happens to view our dining room table as the equivalent to Mount Everest, and she's an avid climber, this type of vase is exactly what we need, so she doesn't pull our heavy vases down on herself.

Jill-able vases are $8 each. Choose from a variety of pretty designs here.

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Yuka said...

What a smart idea! Has Jill seen these?