May 29, 2009

The Purl Bee Gives Me a Buzz

In my pre-motherhood days, I used to sit and watch cooking shows for hours on end. I think the only time they weren't my relax in front of the TV top choice was when I had a bad case of the stomach flu. I can barely toss a salad or pit an avocado, but I am entranced by watching others whip up dishes while talking and acting breezy, all at the same time. I am equally impressed and in awe of those with craft skills. I watch from the sidelines in amazement at what people can do with some yarn and a pair of sharp scissors, or some spare buttons and a tube sock.

The Purl Bee is a gem of a site, bursting at the seams with crafty goodness. If like me, you can't even thread a needle, have a look around for some of their simpler projects. Or, if you're a crafting guru, please feel free to make this quilt and send it my way.

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