May 1, 2009

"A Sick Situation" - Follow-Up Post

I received several supportive, agreeable comments and private emails to my post, Sick? Kids Sick? Stay Home! I also received a comment from a woman named "Evelyn," who was upset by the post, because she doesn't have the ability to stay home from work along with her daughter when she or her child are ill. Evelyn's employer "doesn't CARE who is sick." And I suspect she is not at all alone in this situation.

This article in The New York Times: "A Sick Situation" is a response to Obama's call to people to stay home from work if they are ill, or think they may be coming down with the swine flu. It's sad that a pandemic is the wake-up call we need as a nation to actually put ourselves and our families first and take care of each other when we're ill. I hope laws are written for the swine flu malady and onwards, which require employers to provide and allow mandatory sick days for their workers.

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