June 12, 2009

Kid Bean's Livos SALIS Natural Hemp Finger Paints

Olivia's love of art continues to blossom, and we're constantly looking for eco-conscious ways to introduce new mediums into her repertoire. The Livos SALIS Natural Hemp Finger Paints Set for Kids is hands down (literally) the best finger painting set you can buy for your tot. They'll have a blast leaving their finger, hand, and footprints all over the place (well, hopefully just on designated surfaces!) with these paints, the planet won't have to pay a price for their masterpieces, and they are totally safe and chemical free.

With Father's Day approaching, a wonderful gift idea would be to have your baby or tot decorate a canvas, or Father's Day card with his or her hands and footprints. Another great use for finger paints: buy recycled paper reams and have your child decorate them with hand prints, then use the paper with a personal touch for gift wrapping throughout the year.

Here are the exemplary attributes of Livos SALIS Natural Hemp Fingerpaints:
  • Made from biodynamically-grown German hempseed oil
  • Colors are made from natural mineral pigments
  • Use on paper, glass, stone, or wood
  • May be applied with fingers, brushes, sponges, cotton swabs, string or other applicators
  • NO VOCs
  • Lead-free
  • Packaged in a recycled paperboard box
The set includes 1.7 fl. oz. glass bottles of paint in shades of black, blue, green, red, white, and yellow. Recommended for children 3+.

You may purchase these paints from Kid Bean.

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