June 29, 2009

NEW! Non-Toxic Teethers from AVENT

Teething goes on for years... literally. We have bought Olivia more teethers than we can count, and the one thing they all have in common is that they don't provide relief to specific areas of her teeth and gums. For instance, those giant O teething rings that you refrigerate are pretty useless. When Olivia put them in her mouth as a tiny baby, it was nearly impossible for her to maneuver them into the right spot to find some relief!

That's why I am thrilled with AVENT's new line of teethers... and I wish we'd had them sooner. Each teether is designed to target a specific area in a baby's tiny mouth: teeth in front, teeth in the middle, and the teeth in the back. The teether pictured here focuses on baby's two front teeth, and you can imagine how easy it is for a wee one to hold it just so for a nice, relief filled chomping session.

Philips AVENT teethers are BPA-free, they may be cooled to help soothe sore gums, and they vary in texture to help stimulate baby's senses. These teethers are available in both a Classic (seen/discussed here) and Animal collection. Available at Babies R Us, Amazon, and Target.

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