July 31, 2009

Eco-Friendly Utensils and Plates for Outdoor Picnics, Camping and BBQ's

I'm all for using non-disposable feeding utensils, plates, napkins, etc. when entertaining, but there are times when toting along reusable feeding gear just isn't reasonable or possible. my EARTH360 carries a wonderful line of eco-friendly plates and utensils that are sustainably made and easier on the planet in both their creation and disposal.

Their Aspenware Biodegradable Wood Utensils are aesthetically appealing... and pretty is as pretty does with this fork, knife and spoon set that should usurp all plastic silverware counterparts for perpetuity. Made from birch and aspen, hardwoods typically left to rot during industrial logging this cutlery set is 100% biodegradable and compostable and free of chemicals, GMOS, bleaches and dyes.

$4.99 for a 12 count set

myEARTH360's VerTerra Eco-friendly party ready plates are created from fallen palm leaves and are also beautiful by design. These plates are manufactured using fair wage labor and sustainable production, and no trees or plants are cut down to make them. They boast many great features:

* All natural -- chemical and bleach free
* Non toxic -- no plastics or waxes
* Naturally biodegrades in two months after disposal
* 100% compostable
* No trees or plants cut down -- made from fallen leaves
* Microwave, oven, and refrigerator-safe

1 package of 8 6x6 plates is $6.99. Also available in sizes 10x10 and 8x8

These eco-friendly products are definitely pricier than your standard plastic utensils and paper plates, but if you can make the investment, it is indeed worth the end result of a healthier planet and a guilt free you!

Get 10% off by using discount code: PLANET10 after shopping at myEARTH360.

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