July 15, 2009

The Ultimate Pillow for Kids Going to Sleep Away Summer Camp

When I first spotted this pillow at the aptly named Wise Craft blog, I immediately wished I had one depicting my old pal and best cat in the universe, Shazaam. It would make a huggable memento for a beloved pet who passed away... but the 'wise' mom behind Wise Craft made it for a much happier occasion, her daughter's first sleep away summer camp adventure.

Wanting her to be able to take along the comforts of home while having something to 'snuggle while away,' Wise Craft mom, Blair, created this awesome pillow case and cat pillow, "camp stuffy." She sewed the pillowcase from a fabric her daughter selected, stitched on a pocket, then brilliantly created the cat pillow of Gracie the cat, who fits cozily into the pocket on the pillow.

I can't imagine a better gift to give a child going away to sleep away camp -- the familiarity of a friend from home created with love and thoughtfulness. Go check out the details, more pictures and the how-to behind this ingenious design!


blair said...

Beth, thank you so much for including me over here at Petite Planet. I'm happy to say that Emma has been back from camp for several days and is still sleeping with her Gracie pillow, so it was apparently a success!

Petite Planet said...

I bet Emma will cherish this pillow for a lifetime!