August 17, 2009

Recycle Grocery Store Ads into Playtime Menus!

My sister and I spent countless hours playing "restaurant" as kids. We wrote our menus for our famed establishment, "The Hungry Tiger" in ballpoint pen on paper my mom used to blot her lipstick on before leaving the house. Our best selling dish was "Duck A la Range," but of course when anyone ordered it we were "all out" and instead served up a nice, warm aluminum canned fruit cup with a peel back lid.

When I saw the idea to recycle grocery store ads into playtime menus on Make and Takes, I was flooded with nostalgia and a bit miffed that we hadn't been more creative with our menu making. Maybe that's why we went out of business... in addition to never having any of our main courses available. The genius who thought of making these play menus gets a huge round of applause from me. My sister and I will have to make these with our kids and re-open The Hungry Tiger!

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