October 7, 2009

Charlie Hope's 'I'm Me!' CD

Having exhausted every Jack Johnson album in existence and listening to his music over and over again every single time we're in the car, I was elated to come across the kid and adult friendly, enchanting and refreshing music of Charlie Hope. Her 'I'm Me!' CD collection of songs for children is full of fun-loving, feel good music that had my extremely picky, ("NO! Not that one song, mommy!" is what she yells from the backseat if a tune comes on that she doesn't want to hear) two year old smiling from ear to ear and nodding her head to Hope's music in pure enjoyment declaring, "I LIKE this!"

Most kiddie music makes me cringe, and I tend to avoid it at all costs. Hence, Olivia's love of Jack Johnson, Coldplay and Johnny Cash. But Charlie Hope's captivating voice really rocks my world, not to mention, I love the name Charlie for a girl. Her melodic delivery and peppy guitar strumming makes even the most childish lyrics resonate with the adult set, and her song, 'New Baby' nearly made me weep tears of joy in anticipation of the day we might have a second child. Throughout the album she sings about trains, frogs, rainbows, cowboy boots and fire trucks -- and nearly every other topic tots adore. I give Hope's CD my highest recommendation and I personally can't wait to sing along with her and my family on our next car ride. Listen here to fall in love with her voice yourself.

Charlie Hope's "fresh and alluring album" also won a silver Parent's Choice Award last week!

Eco bonus: The packaging of Hope's CD is certified 100% green forestry practices board and is printed with vegetable inks. The CD is also made in the USA.

Charlie Hope's 'I'm Me' CD is available for purchase at Craftsbury Kids.

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