November 25, 2009

Alphabet Wall Decor for the Playroom or Nursery

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Olivia loves her ABC's, and if we had a dollar for every time we've sung the alphabet song to her, and with her, I'd be sipping a Pina Colada in Maldives instead of writing this post. But seriously, I am moved at the whimsical and unique alphabet wall decor in the nursery shown above -- because it is both ornamental and functional. It will truly help tots learn their ABC's while also making their room look super chic.

I also like that you can make piecing the letters on the wall together into a fun project -- and every time you're out and about at thrift stores, vintage shops, garage sales, etc. you can look for that G you need, or that Z that's required to cap it all off.

via Spearmint Baby


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Frk Lundegaard said...

This is probably the best idea for a kid's room I've seen this year. Will start looking NOW! LOVE IT.
No need to mention I'm a teacher, is there?