November 2, 2009

Book Review: Practically Green by Mindful Momma Micaela Preston

Petite Planet is all about taking a practical approach to greening your daily life. My hope has always been that if we all do enough little things every day to clean up our acts, then we can make a global impact collectively.

When I heard that fellow mommy blogger, Micaela Preston, aka Mindful Momma, had a new book out entitled Practically Green, I knew it would be right up my, and your alley. It is filled with a variety of clever, creative and simple ways for families to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. One of the aspects I appreciate most about Practically Green is the prevalent DIY component (ideas and crafts) written by a green mom. While the book taps into all of the necessary and helpful information to live a green life: which are the best foods to buy organic & in bulk, cleaning product ingredients to avoid, a guide to home energy saving, natural body care, etc. -- it's the highly unique and individualized ideas/recipes/crafts Preston offers from her daily life as a mom that make this read so... practical.

Here are a few I love:

*Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dip! (Need I say more?)
*How to Make organic cotton pillow cases
*How to Make crayon cupcakes (to color with, not to eat!) from broken, old crayons
*How to Make homemade cosmetics and beauty treatments for yourself & to give as gifts
*How to Make felted sweater mittens

*I also appreciate the "Where can I Recycle That?" section of the book, which gives recycling info on items most people either don't think to recycle or don't know they can recycle! (dry cleaner bags, carpets, etc.)

Another aspect I enjoyed about Practically Green is that it's divided into manageable sections for each topic: "Buy it" and "Do it." So, even the lightest shades of green among us will have a clear eco path carved out for them, with no guesswork.

Mindful Momma has certainly lived up to her name with Practically Green!

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