December 17, 2009

12 Days of Green Christmas: Give the Gift of Reading via a Library Card

Don't underestimate the power of giving a child his or her very own library card as the perfect stocking stuffer! Olivia has loved books her entire two years on the planet, and going to check out new books at the library is by far one of her favorite pastimes.

I'm sure libraries differ in their rules and guidelines for how old you must be to get your own card, but if you have a toddler who's too young to make the cut, make them a library card out of an old grocery store saver card or a card you no longer need that's just taking up space in your wallet -- (I'm not talking Visa or Mastercard here). Slap a plain white sticker over the card and decorate it to resemble your own authentic library card. Your child will feel so special and empowered carrying it to and from the library!

And borrowing books instead of buying them is a great lesson to teach kids on the path to living an eco-friendly lifestyle!


Rachel said...

We are an avid library family - the joke is that if a newbie can survive us, they are ready for anything.

So my son had grown up at the library, and his "life long dream" was to get a library card when he turned 4. All of last year, it was all he talked about, especially as his birthday got closer.

So on the day he turned 4. He proudly walked up to the desk and requested his very own library card. It was his favorite gift, and still is.

Petite Planet said...

That is SO sweet! What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it!