December 28, 2009

Recycle Your Christmas Lights at the Oregon Zoo!

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The Oregon Zoo is offering visitors a super sweet deal! Through January 3rd, 2010, you may drop off your old holiday light strings at the zoo to be recycled and receive a coupon for a free piece of fudge from the zoo store. The Oregon Zoo is offering this convenient recycling service in an effort to encourage people to switch to using energy efficient LED lights next holiday season -- by getting rid of their energy guzzling old-fashioned Christmas lights!

Be sure to plan your lights recycling venture with a visit to Zoolights!

About Zoolights:

"ZooLights, a local holiday tradition, is both brighter and greener this year. The winter festival now features nearly 1.25 million lights... The zoo has been using LEDs for its ZooLights displays since 2000, and continues to add more each year, replacing its conventional bulbs. This year, zoo officials figured they would encourage the public to make the switch as well [via their lights recycling program.]"

For those who don't live in Portland, visit to enter your zip code and find a location near you which recycles holiday lights!

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sheri said...

what a great idea! how great the zoo is getting involved in energy saving!