January 6, 2010

MUST SEE: Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood

I rarely issue proclamations like "you MUST..." because I reserve such bold statements for vitally important issues. This is one of them. I strongly recommend that if you're a parent you MUST watch the compelling online documentary: Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood.

You can click here to view it in its entirety. I'm not going to lie and say this is easy viewing. It is not. I had a lump in my throat and a pit in my stomach the entire time I watched it. You'll want to turn it off and say it doesn't apply to you or your kids, but if you live on planet Earth, believe me, it applies to you and your kids.

This film opened my eyes to the deceptive, toxic influence that the media has on our children-- and they aren't just being targeted via commercials on TV- that is so 80's -- now, our kids are being targeted everywhere they go -- at school, on the bus, through their emergency cell phone, at slumber parties -- you will be dismayed yet empowered by what this film will teach you about protecting your child from marketers that pray on their emotions and their innocence. It is time to take a stand and UNPLUG our children from the media circus. Let's return them to old-fashioned values, playtime and activities that nourish their spirits, spark their imagination and celebrate their unique personalities.

Believe me, I am the first to know that an hour of time is precious. I raise our daughter all day and work all night, but FIND THE HOUR to watch this documentary. You and your family will be so much better off for it.


Anonymous said...

This is horrifying, but sadly, the way of the future. It boils down to the parents and learning to say no instead of giving in, limiting television and electronics, and actually taking the time to have game night, play outside, and do fun educational things with their kids. Unfortunately, parents just get too busy in their daily lives, work, etc. and the intentions are there but they just don't follow through.

Petite Planet said...

I agree with what you're saying, but as stated in the documentary, this issues is bigger than parental direction- FTC regulations needs to be re-instated to help protect our children from this vigilant advertising which preys on them everywhere they turn. Parents are at a severe disadvantage, no matter how great of a job they are doing- government needs to worry more about future generations and less about money.