January 11, 2010

Organic Headache Soother Balm from Badger

As a sufferer of frequent migraines, I am always on the lookout for headache remedies. I at least like to try natural methods of healing to see if they work, before having to rely on medications.

Badger, the maker of my favorite sunscreen for kids, just debuted their Organic Headache Soother balm. It is an all-natural cooling temple rub formulated with botanical extracts and Menthol crystals to relieve headache pain. It promotes relaxation and helps cool and clear sinuses as well. Simply massage it on temples, on the back of your neck and on your forehead for relief. Its aroma-therapeutic elements include Eucalyptus and Peppermint for refreshing, Lavender for calming and Mandarin for uplifting.

If I feel a headache coming on, I do my best to thwart it with this soothing remedy. I also like that the whole family can use it -- given its pure, safe ingredients.

Here's to your future being headache free!


Allie said...

Ooh! I will have to pick some up. I get migraines too. I will do anything to avoid taking Imitrex. It makes me feel awful.

sheri said...

I will definitely be trying this! Thanks for the information!

Petite Planet said...

Be sure to check back in and let me know how you liked it! Thanks, Allie and Sheri!