February 11, 2010

'Love Pot' Humidifier

love pot, nanum project, eco-friendly humidifierI'm smitten with the eco-friendly 'Love Pot' non-electric humidifier, which doubles as an aroma dispenser. It is made from laminated wool felt "to maximize evaporation in limited volume. Another point in favor of the wool felt is that it absorbs water fast, and launders well."

I also really 'love' that 100% of proceeds from the sale of the $30 'Love Pot' go to the Nanum Project to provide educational scholarships for impoverished children.

via Yanko Design


dining room table said...
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Anonymous said...

Are any of the things you recommend available in England do you know? I am expecting my 2nd grandchild and it would be great if there were things I could get here. MX

Petite Planet said...

If you click on the product links in my posts, you will see shipping info for each product! Thanks for writing in!