February 8, 2010

Magnetic Wallscapes Turn Walls into Play Worlds

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Every parent knows that kids view walls as blank canvases -- awaiting their crayon and marker original masterpieces, but these clever magnetic wallscapes by hjrd design turn white walls into works of art that won't leave an indelible impression.

Made of "upcycled various thrifted materials... [the Magnetic Wallscapes are] tactile and textured, made by hand from scraps of wallpaper, wrapping paper, pre-loved buttons, homemade pillowcases, wedding dress fabric offcuts... they're made from things that were once very different, and otherwise destined to be thrown away after serving their original purpose."

One of a kind magnetic wallscape sets range in variety from 13 cupcakes made fresh to order and the building blocks pictured above to customized names and the tree community, which may be witnessed in animated action in the clip below.

And these aren't just for kids... check out these gorgeous birdie magnets made from upcycled vintage cookbooks and illustrations -- perfect for the kitchen!

via Ohdeedoh

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