February 19, 2010

Would You Buy Edible Crayon Health Bars?

It's difficult enough keeping inedible objects out of a child's mouth -- so when companies make objects such as crayons into actual food, things can get quite confusing, and a parent's job gets a bit more complex. No, you can't eat that crayon, but you can eat this one. Huh? I guess they are certainly no-waste crayons, however.

Luxirare Edible Crayons look and act like crayons, but they are actually snacks which contain an array of ingredients -- from chocolate covered sunflower seeds to Fruity Pebbles cereal. I'm not saying they aren't clever... but are tots clever enough to know when to color and when to chew? Click here to read more about these deceptive crayons.

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Would You Buy Edible Crayons as Snacks for Your Tot?
Yes: Color me impressed! No: Why confuse the poor kid?

via Growing Up Green


Ransacked Goods said...

Clever marketing but you've got to be kidding me! I'd never buy them. I don't want my kid to think that food comes in a blue stick.

Jennifer said...

That has got to be one of the lamest ideas I've seen. Yeah, crayons won't kill you but why encourage kids to eat non-food? Already stuff like Windex looks like Gatorade. And people wonder why so many kids get poisoned each year. Unbelievable.

GUGGirl said...

Nope, you're right it's a really bad idea for kids .. you raise a good point about the appropriateness of food marketing too, and made me remember something from when I was growing up.

Did you ever have cigarette lollies? We did, they were white sugary sticks with red ends, sold individually ... we'd buy them and then suck on them like we were smoking; this was when we were 7, 8, 9 .. talk about a terrible idea!

Petite Planet said...

You guys all have such great points to make here! And yes, GUGGirl- I totally remember bubblegum cigars and cigarettes that actually 'smoked!' UGH!