March 24, 2010

Reader Submission: Make a Playhouse and Puppet Theater Out of a Crib Box!

It's a playhouse, it's a puppet theater, it features a giant felt board exterior! It's a toddler's dream space come true -- all thanks to one green mom's resourcefulness and ingenuity!

Petite Planet reader Jeanne from Portland, OR submitted this adorable abode she made for her daughter out of the cardboard box her new baby brother's crib was shipped in.

Jeanne used:
  • Crib box - one side cut in half, other side still intact, but with a window cut out
  • One roll of regular duct tape (to attach & reinforce structure)
  • One roll of red duct tape (to match & attach felt to box)
  • 3 yards of red felt to cover structure
  • Box cutter
Jeanne advises:

Keep the lip on both sides of the box intact to maintain the strength of the structure.

Jeanne embellished the box with felt flower cut outs, people cut outs, and curtains that draw open and closed to be used for puppet show entertainment.

Thanks for the tip, Jeanne!

Petite Planet readers, if you'd like to submit your green kids DIY project, please email me at!


Crystal said...

Oh how I wish that I had held on to my old crib box. This is absolutely lovely! I just started a tumblr account called She Is Sew Creative to share all of the wonderful, creative ideas that I find that inspire me. I posted a link to your post on there. :)

Jennifer Chait said...

We never had a crib for Cedar, but this might be a good reason for new parents to buy one - or maybe a new fridge! This is such a cute idea and it looks totally pro. Great job Jeanne :)

Petite Planet said...

Thanks so much, Crystal! And Jennifer, I wish I had saved my crib box too... seeing as it would have gotten more use in this fashion than Olivia's actual crib has! ha ha