March 3, 2010

TummyTub Mimics Mother's Womb for Relaxing Infant Bath Time

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Recently a Petite Planet reader contacted me wanting to learn about eco-friendly, non-toxic infant tub options. After some research, I discovered the TummyTub, which features an innovative design which mimics a mother's womb, to make babies feel secure, comfortable, and like they're in a familiar setting during bath time, which, let's face it, can sometimes be a daunting experience for all involved.

Shaped like a very wide-mouthed bucket, the TummyTub, originally designed in the Netherlands, and endorsed by doctors and midwives, is unlike any infant tub I have seen to date. Initially skeptical, I wondered how a baby would sit without sinking in this upright tub, but look at the baby in the picture above -- a baby simply fills the tub with his/her body, while sitting in a relaxing fetal position, and the water's buoyancy supports him/her. This design seems to be much easier for caregivers to bathe newborns -- as opposed to using a tub in which the newborn is reclined, or one in which they must be held with one arm in the upright position at all times, for fear of slipping under the water. TummyTub also beats an open sink, which provides no real safe haven for a wet, slippery baby.

The TummyTub is BPA- lead- and phthalate free, it is recyclable, and it takes up much less space in the household than most infant tubs. Additionally, it requires much less water to fill for each bathing session, and due to its smaller surface area, the water stays warm for a longer period of time.

Additionally, the TummyTub may be used to calm colicky, gassy infants. Watch the video below to view the TummyTub in action and hear one mom's experience using it to bathe her baby.

NOTE: Once our baby is born in August, we'll be using the TummyTub in our house! I'll write a follow-up post detailing my personal experience.

Click here to learn where to buy the TummyTub.


Miss J said...


I have friends who got this tub and They LOVED it and so did the baby! I am sure you will love it too. I used to hate giving H a bath in her tub, this makes so much sense!


Renee Dillon said...

my little one hated being confined from day 1, so it's a great idea but not for us.